Fitting Artificial Grass

Our premium artificial lawns are a one off purchase and like most jobs proper preparation is vital, we do NOT recommend D.I.Y fitting, it is not as easy as many artificial grass suppliers will have you believe and mistakes can be very costly, would you buy a top quality carpet and then try to lay it yourself? truth is why bother when you can get the very best artificial lawn fully fitted for under £50 m2 plus VAT.

We are the largest totally independent artificial lawn installers in the UK.  We have a range of over 70 artificial lawns,  including those from Verdinia, NoMow, HiTech Turf, and Perfectly Green

Preparation is the key to a quality artificial turf installation, it is after all a one off purchase and needs careful attention to existing soil conditions prior to laying. And it is these underlying conditions that dictate on what sub-base the artificial lawn will be laid, but we use a minimum of a 2″ site excavation, followed by compacting the existing sub-base, then the laying of a quality geo-tex membrane followed by either crushed granite for badly drained areas or a small grade crushed concrete or course sharp sand for normal soil conditions which is then again compacted, this is followed by a surface course of compacted sharp sand mixed with a fine crushed stone which is then levelled as desired, it is upon this layer of sand that the “grass” is laid. We also recommend laying a pre-treated 2″ x 2″ timber border set into a bed of concrete, this gives a much stronger set that by using wooden stakes.


For the ultimate effect a border of blocks can be laid on a concrete base prior to other works, for areas prone to flooding it may be necessary to install a soak-away drain.

After designing Sarah’s garden, we excavated the existing turf and dug out the sub base to 100 mm due to the previous drainage problems with her garden, we then laid a “vendage” block edging on a 4″ bed of concrete, and laid our pre-treated timber border again on a bed of concrete.

We then laid a geo-tex membrane upon which we laid 70 mm of 4 mm crushed limestone which was compacted with a 16″ heavy wacker plate, then after laying a second membrane to prevent the sub bases mixing we laid 20 mm of 4 mm limestone mixed 50/50 with sharp sand, this was again compacted and screeded to give the desired levels.

The artificial lawn in this instance Hawai was cut roughly to size after carefully establishing the best way to lay the lawn (giving the best pile effect depending upon orientation of the garden) and the lawn was joined and laid in situ, after stretching into place we nailed down the edge to our edging border, the lawn is then carefully trimmed to fit the edges, finally we trat the surface with kilb dryed sand which is brushed in against the pile.  

The gaps between the blocks on the radius are pointed in with coloured cement and the smaller gaps filed with kiln dryed sand, finally the extended patio blocks were also pointed in..Job done.

Sarah said:

‘Lush as Lawn were so professional. I was really impressed with the way in which no detail was too small when the Team werepreparing my garden.

‘For years we’ve had a soggy and muddy lawn which was often unusable.  Now I’m proud to have people in my garden – what’s more they can’t believe it’s not real lawn!’

This project which also included extending the patio area cost a total of £1,320 inclusive, as said we will not be beaten on price nor quality.

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