Our Products

Our choice of products comes from years of experience with the laying of artificial lawns, we learned the hard way to steer clear of artificial lawns with a latex backing it simply does not last the conditions found in the UK, the problem being that until recently P.U- Polyurethane backed grass was prohibitively expensive until recently, we have chosen an extensive range from some of the largest artificial grass manufacturers, so we are confident we have a grass for every occasion and garden type all of our range (except sports) have a minimum of four colours with moss growth and “dead grass within the weave, most have both straight and curly grass and are manufacturer to a very high UV resistance.

Our range of artificial lawns are simply the best on the market, it really does look like a quality real turf and is fully guaranteed for eight years by the manufacturer, after all your new lawn should be a one off investment so fit the best especially as it is cheaper than the rest.

Our Opinion

Capri may be the cheapest of our range and is proving to be the most popular among customers, it is made to resemble you everyday utility lawn (in excellent condition) and is in every way lifelike and will be the application of choice for most gardens. 

£22 M2 inclusive 

£48 M2 inclusive (average draining garden) designed and laid.

Our Opinion

For these who simply must have the perfect lawn 5 mm longer then the Capri with a slightly different weave manufactured to resemble a professionally kept very high quality lawn (and does).

Our Opinion

Again very similar to the Hawai 5mm longer and even more tufts per mm2 the ultimate in artificial lawns and super soft underfoot,